Lukas Brekke-Miesner, Executive Director

Lukas Brekke-Meisner

Lukas has dedicated the past decade of his life to Oakland Kids First where he currently serves as the Executive Director. A third generation East Oaklander and proud graduate of Oakland public schools, lukas has committed himself to youth leadership and organizing work since he himself was a high school student. He is a proud alumni of Oakland Tech High School and University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and a veteran of youth development programs TryUMF, Youth Speaks, the Project YES! Counsil, and Youth Employment Partnership. Lukas has served in virtually every role in his tenure at OKF – humbly serving the students of Oakland Tech, Castlemont, Fremont, McClymonds, and Oakland High Schools along the way.

Lukas is also a writer whose work has been published in The Nation, Billboard, Giant Magazine, WireTap Mag, and Wine & Bowties, among others. He was the founder and Editor-In-Chief of the now defunct Oakland Arts & Culture blog ’38th Notes’ (2008-2015), for which he won the “Oakland Soul” award at the 2013 Oakland Indie Awards. His forthcoming collection of poetry is entitled, Born & Razed: Oakland In Verse.

Kimberly Miyoshi, Director of Justice 4 Oakland Students

Kim Miyoshi

Kim has been with Oakland Kids First for over fifteen years. She secures resources to support the program, assists with program design and strategy, helps standardize and strengthen core curriculum, and works with district partners to expand the Engagement for Equity initiative. Kim has spent the past 19 years providing training, facilitation and coordination to numerous efforts to improve schools and communities in the Bay Area. As OKF’s Executive Director from 2000-2018, Kim brings comprehensive experience in curriculum design program development and implementation.

Christina Chung, Project Lead for the Comic Book

Christina ChungChristina implemented the Teacher Fellowship Program and previously supported the curriculum and materials development for PASS-2. She is currently the Project Lead for the Comic Book Project. Prior to her time at Oakland Kids First, Christina spent nearly a decade helping develop MetWest High School in OUSD from a new, teeny tiny alternative school to an established internship and project-based school, and started the arts and academic after school program with community collaborators and partnerships. She attended California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) in Valencia where she was introduced to community-based arts teaching through the CAP (California Arts Partnership) program and unearthed a deep passion for teaching (and learning through teaching) during her time at KAOS Projects in Leimert Park. Beyond that, you can find her DJing with the Sweater Funk crew, lettering late at night, and cooking and making endless things with her two incredible daughters.

Peter Truong, Program Manager

A life long learner and educator, Peter earned a degree in Ethnic Studies at the University of Oregon. As a child of Chinese-Vietnamese refugees from the Vietnam War, Peter’s passion for justice work developed at a young age. Peter and his sister are the first in their family to complete college. It was this journey that pushed Peter to continue his work; as an educator he seeks to help other young people access education and think critically about the world around them.

Peter taught in Sacramento as an English teacher before transitioning into his current role as Program Manager. Peter runs PASS-2 and REAL HARD at Fremont High School, develops school culture, and writes curriculum for Oakland Kids First programs.

In his spare time, you will find Peter learning how to cook, at restaurant, or learning another language. Originally from Portland, he is a Blazermaniac for life.

Sabaa ShorakaCommunity Program Manager at Castlemont High School

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Sabaa joined Oakland Kids First as Community Program Manager at Castlemont High School in June of 2018. Prior to coming to Oakland Kids First, Sabaa served as the Community Program Manger with Alternatives in Action at Life Academy, Career Pathways Manager at Youth Uprising and Director of Administration and Finance at Institute for Sustainable Education Economic and Environmental Design. Sabaa has lived and worked in Oakland for the past 15 years.

She holds a Masters Degree in Education with a concentration in Equity and Social Justice from San Francisco State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and minor in Education from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Sabaa is passionate about developing the skills of young people to become active agents for social justice and equity. In her free time, Sabaa enjoys baking and cooking, photography and traveling

Roxana Franco, Lead Organizer

Roxana leads the city-wide Youth Organizing Council and runs the REAL HARD after school youth leadership development program at Castlemont High School. Roxana began her journey at Oakland Kids First as an intern supporting the Meaningful Student and Family Engagement initiative. Her role as an intern allowed her to support students and parents with interpretation needs, facilitate engagement forums, and lead the Parent Leads committee.

The MSFE initiative equipped Roxana with the skills to support and empower young people to challenge the larger systems that create inequitable learning and teaching conditions in Oakland Public schools. Roxana educates and builds young people’s capacity to break down systems of oppression and create youth-driven solutions to challenge the institutions that harm high-need student populations.

From a young age, Roxana loved building community and became aware of the inequities that impact impoverished communities. She emerged as a passionate community leader, and learned to critically analyze intersectional social structures of oppression including: homophobia, xenophobia, transphobia, white supremacy, racism, adultism, inequity within the public education system, and displacement due to modern-day colonialism.

Domenichi Morris, REAL HARD Program Coordinator

Domenichi implements the REAL HARD youth leadership development program at Oakland High School and Oakland Tech. He is originally from Chicago where he worked with youth in various capacities for over a decade.

Domenichi is a former elementary school Science teacher and holds a degree in Elementary Education from Noertheastern Illinois University.

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