Support Oakland Kids First!

Donations of any size will help youth leaders to develop the skills and confidence to support their peers to succeed academically, and to transform our Oakland public high schools to be safe, respectful and inclusive spaces.

Donations received during the Covid-19 public health crisis or while Shelter in Place orders are in place will be added to our Student Relief Fund. Oakland Kids First is offering all program participants access to additional resources such as gift cards for grocery stores and stipends to help students and their families provide for basic needs during times of crisis.

If you are interested in launching a fundraising campaign in honor of your birthday or a special occasion, consider using platforms like Charity on Top or Network for Good. Let us know and we will help to promote your efforts on our social media pages.

Shopping online? Please select Oakland Kids First as your designated nonprofit on Amazon Smile and eBay for Charity as another way to support our organization.

If you would like to donate in the form of a check, please make the check out to Oakland Kids First and mail it to 2744 E. 11th St, Unit H08, Oakland, CA 94601.

Our programs and youth are supported by individuals like you.