Peers Advising Students to Succeed (PASS-2) and “Civic Engagement and Social Movements” have created a peer-to-peer model of relationship building and information sharing that provides a compassionate space for underserved students to access the resources, requirements, and support they need to succeed and thrive in school. By providing high school graduation requirements, college entrance requirements, and personalized stories of overcoming academic struggles, peer mentors are interrupting inequitable access to information resulting from the 600:1 counselor to student ratio.


Representing Educated Active Leaders Having A Righteous Dream (REAL HARD) Youth Leadership Program is an after-school youth leadership program that provides training for 50 youth from three high schools, Oakland Technical High School, Castlemont High School and Fremont High School. They meet twice weekly to develop the research, facilitation, base-building, and critical thinking skills needed to identify problems in their school community, and to develop and advance solutions to those problems. REAL HARD is focused on shifting school culture from punitive to restorative by expanding leadership roles for students to become culture drivers, implement shared values, and create respectful learning spaces.

Teacher Fellowship

We want to build a cadre of teacher leaders that will work together to deepen their analysis and develop a shared vision for achieving equity in OUSD (informed by students, parents and teachers) so the Oakland public school system is held accountable to the highest-need student populations. When that vision is seeded with the values of educational justice, community control, and with students at the center, we believe a new equitable system will take root and grow.

Lead Agency at Castlemont High School

Oakland Kids First is the Lead Agency at Castlemont High School, managing after school programming for nearly 300 students.

Youth Organizing Council

This year we’re launching an exciting opportunity for a small group of student leaders to further their leadership and organizing skills. OKF is inviting high school students to be a part of the Oakland Kids First Youth Organizing Council.

Town Force One Comic Book

In 2019, East Oakland will be releasing a comic book as part of this series featuring a crew of four high school students called Town Force One as they battle head on the challenges that come their way – from school closures to gentrification and rapid urban development that threatens to erase their culture, history, and roots.

Justice 4 Oakland Students (J4OS)

J4OS is a coalition of students, parents/families, teacher allies, and organizations working to increase equity for low-income students of color in OUSD.