Castlemont Community School Programs

Oakland Kids First was selected to serve as Lead Agency for Castlemont High School in East Oakland, and manages Castle Cares, Knight Time After School Programs, and Knight Success College, Career, and Community Readiness initiatives. Our Castlemont programs serve over 400 youth after school annually and engage 120 students per day. Oakland Kids First programming aligns with and builds on the school day curriculum to help Castlemont achieve their mission to “create a safe, healthy and engaging learning experience that prepares all of our students for college, career, and community.

OKF’s Castlemont Community School programs partner with school day academies including the 9th grade house, 12th grade house, International Academy, Sustainable Urban Design Academy (SUDA) and the Community Health and Equity Academy (CHEA) to make education relevant through real world learning opportunities. Our programs incorporate community-centered action research, interdisciplinary workforce readiness, and career exposure with opportunities for students to earn stipended internships.

For more information about our programs at Castlemont High School, or to inquire about becoming a partner in our work, contact the Extended Day Programs Manager Na Derris Ward at