Lead Agency

Lead Agency at Castlemont High School

Knight Time at Castlemont High School:

Oakland Kids First is the 21st Century Lead Agency for Castlemont High School in deep East Oakland.  Castlemont High School’s mission is to create a safe, healthy and engaging learning experience that prepares all of our students for college, career and community. The Sustainable Urban Design and Community Health and Equity pathways make education relevant through authentic, community- centered action research, interdisciplinary projects and work-based learning.


Oakland Kids First Knight Time After School Program at Castlemont High School offers an array of diverse programming during the school year, including programming in weight lifting, sports conditioning,  farming and sustainable agriculture, academic support and intervention, college preparation, peer interpreter program, debate, driver’s education, urban arts, violence prevention, FabLab, peer support groups, cascading youth leadership training, internship program, and parent education events.

Incoming 9th Graders are also eligible to participate in Oakland Kids First Summer Bridge Program which focuses on building community with incoming students and preparing youth for the coming school year.


For more information about Community Programs at Castlemont High School, or to find out about becoming a partner in our work, contact Sabaa Shoraka, Community Programs Manager at Castlemont High School  at sabaa (at) kidsfirstoakland.org