Teacher Fellowship

Teacher Fellowship

The Oakland Kids First (OKF) stipended six month fellowship (from January through June) seeks 10-20 progressive classroom teachers ​to help develop and test this new fellowship model ​that supports and builds capacity of teachers to engage students, parents and other teachers in advocating for greater equity​ in their schools and in the district. ​

Who is OKF?
Oakland Kids First is a non-profit founded in 1996 by a multi-racial coalition of youth serving agencies. Our mission is to increase youth voice, leadership, and power and create equitable public schools where all students learn and achieve. The MSFE initiative was launched three years ago to increase the capacity of students and parents to advocate for equity through school site planning, shared decision-making and organizing. The fellowship will add a teacher component to this work.

What is the purpose of the fellowship?
We want to build a cadre of teacher leaders that will work together to deepen their analysis and develop a shared vision for achieving equity in OUSD (informed by students, parents and teachers) so the Oakland public school system is held accountable to the highest-need student populations. If that vision is seeded with the values of educational justice, community control, and with students at the center, we believe a new equitable system will take root and grow.

What is this fellowship about?
The Fellowship prototype is designed to:
● Support teachers to collaborate and partner with students and parents as allies
● Develop a shared analysis about equity gaps in OUSD at the site and district level
● Provide teachers with the tools and skills to engage other students, parents and teachers in a
discussion around equity needs and priorities at their school sites.
● Build relationships with other progressive teachers serving high-need students
● Learn about and support city-wide advocacy efforts through OKF’s partnership with the J4OS(Justice for Oakland Students) coalition.

Teacher fellows will test the pilot by:
● Reviewing the program outline & curriculum and helping adjust as we go
● Actively participating and developing a project that will serve as the prototype
● Engaging in active reflection throughout the process to give feedback/input and suggest course corrections

Teacher fellows will be supported to:
● Share critical information with constituents at your school about district changes that impact your site regarding equity through a workshop format (fellows develop together)
● Host Equity Discussions for students, parents and other teachers at your site to identify equity needs and priorities
● Support constituents at your site to engage in district level efforts to advance equity and increase their advocacy by:
-> Engaging their SSC (School Site Council)
-> Meeting with their Board representative
-> Attending at least one school board meeting

Who is this fellowship for?
This fellowship is open to OUSD K-12 teachers – ​working at in-district schools​ – who are currently in the classroom and have a strong belief in the need to engage the broader school community in efforts toward achieving greater equity for students in OUSD. Priority will be given to teachers:
● Working with high-need students.
● Who are active at their school sites (but are not being supported already by an existing
city-wide teacher advocacy organization).
● Who work at high schools where OKF has an existing program.

The Fellowship Goals:
-Grow teachers’ capacity to become empowered leaders
-Deepen teachers’ connections to other teacher leaders
-Build teachers’ skills, knowledge and mindsets that prepare them to
collaboratively design solutions that raise the outcomes for students furthest from
-Deepen teachers’ analysis of the issues faced by Oakland students
-Deepen teaches’ level of empathy and understanding of the needs of Oakland
students and their families.
-Grow teachers’ capacity to influence the conversation about school
transformation putting students at the center
Specific Results of the Fellowship
-Oakland teachers that work with the most vulnerable students feel supported
-A strong collaborative base of organized, informed and empowered teachers
emerges from the work
-Teachers create a space for deeper conversation about the conditions needed in
schools to better serve students furthest from opportunity
-The voices of teacher leaders is amplified and strengthens their impact and
influence in and out of their school community
-Teacher build trusting relationships with students and families to inform and
collaboratively design new practices that create more access and opportunity for
vulnerable students